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Brand Assets

Color Palette

If you would like to design a document or theme that fits our branding, please refer to our official color palette below:

Hex code: #0179be
RGB code: 1, 121, 190
HSB code: 202, 99, 75
CMYK code: 86, 47, 1, 0
Hex code: #e31d3b
RGB code: 227, 29, 59
HSB code: 351, 87, 89
CMYK code: 5, 99, 79, 1


For our logo: Nexa Bold (via Fontfabric)

For our website: Raleway (via Google Fonts), Open Sans (via Google Fonts), Lato (via Google Fonts)


We have made our logo available in various resolutions to best fit your needs. Please click on the logo(s) to download the file.

Usage example Download
High resolution for posters or publication-quality printing
3000 x 592 pixels, transparent background
Medium resolution for Word documents and websites
1000 x 197 pixels, transparent background
Low resolution for email signature
300 x 59 pixels, transparent background